Weekly Update (March 12–18)

Getting ready to launch something big…
  • Released documentation
  • Added Socket Events to send Project Status for Agents (Used to display loading page and error states)
  • Bumped supported optic-markdown to version 0.1.2
  • Fixed issue where Optic didn’t work if the App was located in a path with a space in it ie ‘Developer/My Apps’
  • Packaged Optic Markdown within .jar so it doesn’t need to be installed separately.
  • Optic checks if a valid version of Node is installed before starting
  • Optic Editor window loads faster and has correct title
  • Data directories weren’t being created on first run causing most of Optic’s internal functionality to fail. This was missed because in testing we didn’t wipe all Optic files from our test devices.
  • Issue that prevented Optic servers from shutting down after the host Mac App closed has been resolved

Other Development:

  • Several build scripts written to automate deployments of new Optic binaries
  • Built a new page for our website http://opticdev.com/get-optic/
  • Incorporated basic analytics/crash reporting in Optic (relies on Mixpanel)
  • Hotfix released that fixed an issue several Mac users experienced when their local installation of Node was not in /usr/local/bin/node

    HUGE THANKS to Scott Barstow, a beta user who helped virtually debug this issue over 35 emails.
  • Finalized designs for the more advanced transformation system that will appear in the next major version of Optic

What’s Next:

Input Wanted:

Again, thanks so much to all our Beta Testers. Good things are on the horizon.




Building Tony Stark’s workshop one company at a time. Founder useoptic.com (YC S18)

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Aidan Cunniffe

Aidan Cunniffe

Building Tony Stark’s workshop one company at a time. Founder useoptic.com (YC S18)

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