Weekly Update (March 26–April 1)

Debugging Optic Markdown

The feedback loop for Optic Markdown development has been too long and many users asked for some sort of debugging tool that would allow them to develop their Optic Markdown faster.

  • Incorporated Sparkle Project into Optic for automatic, patch based, updating
  • Added a pre-loader to the Optic Eye so people know when Optic is warming up/ready
  • Optic Markdown Debugger View (Tools -> Debugger)
  • Much faster realtime processing. We open sourced the custom Akka router and mailbox we used to achieve this.
  • Optic Markdown Migration support
  • Added Debugger Support to Agent-SDK
  • Fixed an issue where Optic Project Graphs were not returning the valid results for certain files

What’s Next


Right now Optic renders new code in the same file the user is currently editing. In the next week we’re going to make it possible for users to specify where they want their code to be generated. This capability brings some baggage with it, specifically importing/exporting different objects between files. At this point it’s unclear what expectations the first implementation of Location will be able to deliver on. Ideally we’d love all code to be fully executable upon generation, but some of these complications may make it difficult to deliver on that right away. We’ll strive to find a good balance between usability, predictability and complexity in our first iteration of this feature.

OPM Registry Goes Live

I’ve seen some really cool Optic use cases developed by our users but those experiences are hard to share. There’s been a lot of emailing Optic Markdown around between beta users and clearly its time to take the OPM Registry live. Right now the OPM (Optic Package Manager) only supports local providers. By the middle of April, it’ll be able to resolve any published package that is referenced in your optic.yaml file.

Thanks so much to all our Beta Testers!



Building Tony Stark’s workshop one company at a time. Founder useoptic.com (YC S18)

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Aidan Cunniffe

Aidan Cunniffe


Building Tony Stark’s workshop one company at a time. Founder useoptic.com (YC S18)